“We would NEVER let "just anyone" take care of our children, and Doggie Au Pair is definitely not "just anyone"...they are truly the BEST!! Each one of our kids have a definite personality, and Lorraine and her staff are so in- tune with them and their idiosyncrasies. To see the excitement in our dogs when their caregiver arrives is to experience pure magic. There really aren’t any sufficient words in the English language to express our happiness and satisfaction with Doggie Au Pair!! They exceed our expectations and truly offer unconditional love to the most important members of our family. On a scale of 1-10, we would have to break the scale and give them a score of no less than 100!!”

-- Brian Falvey and Michael Peisel, Dedham

At Doggie Au Pair, our dogs are treated like family with unlimited warmth, love and kindness.

-- Kristen D, Westwood, MA

“Lorraine and other members of her team have been taking care of my 2 Shih-Tzus and several cats for a number of years now. Frankly, I do not know what I would do without her! Whether it is last-minute business travel, being stuck in the office, or just regular walks she is always there to make sure my animals are well cared for. She has cared for all of my animals when they were sick, leaves detailed notes for me about their walks and is completely, utterly, totally dependable. Once I had to travel for business and was awaiting medicine for one of my dogs that was going to arrive while I was gone. Lorraine made sure to pick up the medicine from our mailbox and administer it to the dog. Now that's what I call extraordinary customer service!! And if all that were not enough, she deeply cares about the animals and I can tell because not only do my dogs utterly adore her, my cats, 2 of whom are semi-feral, allow her to brush them and give them treats which they do not do with anyone else but me.

Finally, Lorraine's standards are the highest and if you hire Doggie Au Pair you will see that in every member of her team. She handpicks them, makes sure they have the right match for the right animal, and stays absolutely connected to your satisfaction with her service. You will never find anyone better – ever.”

-- Sandra D, Newton, MA

The personalized service and quality care received from Doggie Au Pair is like having a loving family member take care of your dog. - in good health and sickness, in all types of weather and at various times of the day. I have worked with several dog walking services in the area over the past 20 years- none is more customized, reliable, knowledgeable, and animal loving than Lorraine and her team at Doggie Au Pair. We are grateful for their help every day!”

-- Ronny M, Dedham, MA

“Lorraine and the DAP team has helped us with Sammy, our yellow Lab, for over 3 years now. Lorraine and the DAP team are a flexible, trustworthy group of professionals who go the 'extra step'. My work schedule is different each week, and DAP is very accomodating in walking our dog on those long work days, and also with the unforseen schedule changes. We are lucky to be associated with Lorraine and the DAP team. Sam is lucky to have you all for sure. Thanks for all your help!”

-- Jon J, West Roxbury, MA

Kudos to Lorraine, Ultan and the entire staff for helping me take care of my beautiful golden retrievers. My babies live for their long walks with this amazing group of professionals and I am so grateful for their services. I work long hours and never wonder about how my dogs are doing. I give this group 5 stars and would be happy to speak to anyone about Doggie Au Pair!”

-- Barb D, Dedham, MA

The most responsible, trustworthy group of dog walkers I have encountered, with uncanny instincts for what the dogs need and want. Even though I do not 'need' to have my dog walked, because I have the time to do it, her experience on a daily basis with her walkers is so fun, that I wouldn't deny her the pleasure and the learning experience of working and playing well with others.”

-- Liliana V, Dedham, MA

“We feel so fortunate to have found Doggie Au Pair. We love our dog so much and our minds are always at ease knowing he is in such good hands. Our dog loves his time with his Doggie Au Pair friends and simply cherishes the attention he gets from them. We have been so impressed with their professionalism, flexibility, and dedication. Lorraine pays close attention to every detail of the business and attends to the needs of all of the Doggie Au Pair clients. The entire staff is trained, trusted and very knowledgeable.

You will not find a more dedicated, caring, and professional team around. We HIGHLY recommend the services of Doggie Au Pair to any and all pet owners. They understand that our pet is a family member and they love him like their own. Having a pet and managing work and life can be tough, but knowing that the Doggie Au Pair offers such flexible services, made pet ownership possible for us. We know our dog loves his friends at Doggie Au Pair, and he is a happier dog and we are happier owners because they are in our lives! Thank you, DAP!”

-- Ali and Connor D, Dedham, MA

“We love Doggie Au Pair! We have used DAP since our 2.5 year old lab mix, Bodie, was a puppy and began staying home alone during the work week. From the very first introduction, Lorraine and her staff have been completely professional, reliable and enthusiastic. It is obvious that the DAP dog walkers are knowledgeable about dog behavior and really take the time to get to know each dog individually. We credit a lot of Bodie’s good leash manners and off-leash recall to the skill and consistency of Lorraine and her staff.

Some of the things that put DAP a step above other dog walking businesses are their professionalism and attention to detail. Lorraine is excellent with communication, reaching out regularly and responding promptly to any emails or calls. On walking days DAP is always there within the scheduled timeframe and they leave a detailed note about our dog’s outing each time.

This professionalism and attention to detail also means that we can rest easy knowing that Bodie is safe and having fun on each and every walk. DAP walks only small groups of dogs, so there is socialization for the dogs but they remain under good control. The dogs are walked at safe parks and trails in varied locations, adding to their fun and stimulation. On days when Bodie has a walk with DAP, we come home to a relaxed and happy dog!

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk about how happy we are with the service provided by Doggie Au Pair! We give them our highest recommendation.”

-- Danielle and Derek, West Roxbury, MA

“Some years ago, I was on a trip out of the country for 2 weeks. I came home to realize that my cat sitter had neglected to feed my cats and change the litter for the last week I was away. Luckily, the cats survived. And, even better, that’s how and when I met Lorraine Connolly of Doggie Au Pair.

I have had cats and relied on cat sitters for 46 years. Lorraine and her crew are definitely the best, always here when I need them, in snowstorms, in last minute family emergencies, when I’ve been detained unexpectedly. I book with her, and unlike many sitters I’ve had in the past, I never have an anxious moment about whether or not the job’s going to get done. The cats get fed, the water gets changed, the litter gets cleaned, mail and packages brought in, trash and recycling barrels put out, house alarm re-set. And, most importantly, I come home and the cats are calm and matter of fact about my having been away – none of the "acting out" that used to go on – a sign to me that Lorraine and her team spend some time interacting with my kitties when they’re here. I feel so fortunate that, when I started asking around to find someone new, everyone recommended Lorraine Connolly and Doggie Au Pair.”

-- Annette J, West Roxbury

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